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Service Your Audi

Audi cars are fine pieces of German engineering and have many virtues, from spot-on handling and breathtaking performance to a level of interior comfort and technology unmatched even among luxury cars.

It is very important to keep your Audi properly maintained. Following Audi’s recommended maintenance schedule can avoid costly future repairs to your vehicle. We’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your Audi’s maintenance requirements and mileage intervals.

Typically your Audi’s maintenance interval for minor services are at 25,45,65,85, and 105,000 miles. Major services are typically 15,35,55,75 and 95,000 miles, though each model may have different requirements, feel free to contact German Motorsports, for your cars needs.

From 4 cylinder Turbo to V6, V8, or Turbo Diesel models, we do it all! In addition to regular routine care for your vehicle, we also ensure your major repairs are done efficiently and thoroughly, as well as offer enhancement upgrades to increase your Audi’s performance.